Northern Spain: A Hiking and Cultural Experience in small relaxed groups accompanied by local guides

The Pyrenees, Catalonia and Aragon:

Hiking with all senses

Hiking in small groups, with LUNATRAILS you will discover a country you may already be familiar with – and that is yet still full of surprises.


Lonely mountain ranges, which we'll encounter with respect and curiosity – in closest proximity: the original Picos de Europa in the north-west of Spain and the unique Pyrenees in Catalonia and Aragon.  Camino del Norte, with an abundance of nature and culture, is still an insider tip on the Atlantic coast, far from the large stream of pilgrims to the well known Camino Francés.


LUNATRAILS will lead you safely and competently over mountain trails and paths that are sure to entrance you.  And for lunch or after a long day we'll gladly seduce you with the gourmet delights of the region: from the substantial Aranese meat stew in the Pyrenees to the delightful tapas in the Basque Country and the famous Cabrales blue cheese in the Picos de Europa.


Feel "in su casa" with the locals – feel at home – in our carefully chosen accommodations where you are sure to be spoilt.  It could be with a four course meal in a three star hotel or a great dinner in one of the mountain huts, close to the starry sky.


We are environmentally conscious and support small local businesses:

be it our selected hotels, independent country houses or restaurants with regional products, we always look to treat our partners fairly, to enable YOU to travel sustainably and contentedly with us.


Enjoy the diverse secrets of nature with your travelling companions: sightings of chamois, eagles and marmots are no rarity with LUNATRAILS - encounters with shepherds and park rangers a certainty.  This is where you can ask questions, exchange observations, be close to the people of this country and nature.


And when you discover bunches of edelweiss or watch griffons circling proudly above you in the Picos, that's when you'll feel completely lifted and at one with the natural world of this country.


you'll be in safe hands with experienced mountain guides.

You'll have nothing to worry about!


we'll create varied hikes with small groups in Spain – matchless and unrepeatable!


we'll tailor hikes specifically to your preferences –

individually and detailed!


What you're currently seeing on our website is just the beginning.


The path comes into being by WALKING – el camino se hacer al andar.


We look forward to seeing you!

Our trips and hikes in Spain:


Relaxed travel can still be stimulating: Enjoy hiking tours in small groups through the mysterious Pyrenees, the karst mountainscape of the Picos de Europa, Catalonia, Aragon and unspoilt Camino del Norte  - authentic all the way.


Hiking on snowshoes,  we’ll lead you where the snowy Aran Valley is still completely untouched.  There are no limits to wintersports in Val d’Aran: Alpine ski, snowboarding, cross country skiing and Telemark.  Baqueira Beret in the Pyrenees is rated as Spain’s best ski resort.


Specific Trips

Hikes and trips with a specific theme: be it working on a biography or venturing on ancient shepherds’ trails - body, mind and spirit are revived through personal challenges.  Experience the Pyrenees on an extraordinary combined hike in vibrant autumn.